Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pride and Prejudice: Video Thoughts, part one: Lost in Austen

I've watched two movies this past week or two.

The first one I watched was Lost in Austen. In this one, Pride and Prejudice gets the fractured fairy tale treatment. We see Amanda Price, a modern woman slightly obsessed with Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice--the book and the movie starring Colin Firth. After a disappointing proposal from her drunk boyfriend, she is startled to find Elizabeth Bennet--yes, the Elizabeth Bennet--in her bathroom. There's a doorway in her flat leading directly into the Bennet attic. Since Elizabeth has paid her a visit, she thinks to do the same. Take a few minutes and see for herself if this is really real. The problem--and not unforseeable at that--is that once she's made it through, the door won't open again. She's "stuck" in the Bennet household. The good news is that the story is just getting started. Mr. Bingley has just moved into the neighborhood. They're just getting ready for the assembly ball. You know, the one where Miss Elizabeth meets the cranky Mr. Darcy.

What I liked about this one--and I did like it quite a bit--is that we see what a difference Elizabeth makes to the story. What would Pride and Prejudice be without her? We also see how big the gap is culturally and socially between centuries. Amanda has always fantasized about the prim-and-proper-and-courteous gentlemen of the past...but can she become a genteel lady? Can a modern woman come to terms with life in Regency England? I liked many of the twists and turns of this series.

This is a fan video with one of my favorite songs...I think it fits well with the show.

What I liked about this Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley, and Mr. Wickham.


  1. Good review! I loved this a lot too and agree that Darcy, Bingley and Wickham were all fab. Love the blog layout btw :)

  2. I love Lost in Austen. I loved it when it was first on TV and love re-watching it at any given opportunity. <3