Thursday, August 27, 2009

Under the Greenwood Tree, 2005

Under the Greenwood Tree, 2005
Starring Keeley Hawes as Fancy Day, James Murray as Dick Dewy, Ben Miles as Parson Maybold, Steve Pemberton as Mr. Shiner

Despite the romantic elements of this one, I think this one was *supposed* to be about a group of displaced church musicians. These musicians, some more elderly than others, are replaced by an organ playing school mistress, Fancy Day, under the direction of Parson Maybold. Fancy Day has returned to take care of her father and to teach school. She finds herself pursued by three different men. Her father wants her to marry Mr. Shiner, the wealthiest of the bunch. But Dick Dewy is (supposedly) the cutest. More importantly, he makes her heart all fluttery.

The movie is based on a novel by Thomas Hardy. I'm going to make a guess that it is not all that faithful to the book. Why? Because I actually enjoyed this movie. And I typically hate Thomas Hardy.

From what I've read on Wikipedia, the movie changed some big things about this one to keep the mood lighter and more romantic.

The description I read of this one made it seem like it was all about a country romance. A school teacher being courted and wooed. That's why I thought I'd throw out a warning that that is only a part of this one. It's about the place as a whole, the community, I mean.

Here's a fan video:

I suppose I should confess how very, very much I heart Ben Miles. I fell for him as Patrick from Coupling. The will they/won't they romance between Patrick and Sally just made me giddy. So this one wasn't so much about me loving Thomas Hardy and wanting to see one of his books dramatized...

Sally/Patrick fan video:

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  1. My sisters and I like this movie quite a bit. As far as how it compares to the book, it does a pretty good job plotwise and even adds a bit more depth to the characters of Fanny and Dick. But, in typical Hardy style, the ending isn't quite as "sunshine and roses" as the movie makes it seem to be. Nobody dies or anything, but there are still a few nagging questions left in the back of your head.