Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tudor Book Challenge (2010)

Tudor Book Challenge
Tudor Book Resource
January - December 2010

I'm signing up the 'Commoner' level which means committing to reading 5 books:

The books I read and review:


The books in my TBR pile:

Brief Gaudy Hour by Margaret Campbell Barnes
Young Bess by Margaret Irwin
Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir by Carolly Erickson
The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots by Carolly Erickson (library)
The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory (library)
The Reavers by George MacDonald Fraser (library)
Martyr by Rory Clements (library)
Ink and Steel by Elizabeth Bear (library)
The Huntress by Susan Carroll (library)
The Virgin's Lover by Philippa Gregory (library)
The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory (library)
Secrets of the Tudor Court by Kate Emerson (library)
The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain


  1. Hi Becky! The new year is here and The Tudor Book challenge has begun. I wish you luck in your pursuit of wonderful Tudor literature this year.

    I have posted an official roster of participants in The Tudor Book Challenge. You can find that target="blank">here.

    When you finish a Tudor book and review it, please provide me a link there so I can update your progress for the prizes we are giving away! Happy historical readings in 2010!

    - Michelle

  2. Ooh, apparently my HTML was off a bit there. try this. ;)