Monday, December 21, 2009

Typically British Reading Challenge

Typically British Reading Challenge
Hosted by Book Chick City
I picked level four--eight books.
All of 2010

1. Ice Land by Betsy Tobin
2. Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby
3. The Black Moth by Georgette Heyer
4. Just In Case by Meg Rosoff
5. The Pirates! In An Adventure with Ahab by Gideon DeFoe
6. Star Begotten by H.G. Wells
7. Bath Tangle by Georgette Heyer
8. Sylvester by Georgette Heyer
9. Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey
10. The Man in the Queue by Josephine Tey
11. Pamela by Samuel Richardson
12. Black Sheep by Georgette Heyer
13. Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness
14. Armadale by Wilkie Collins
15. Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyer
16. The Toll Gate by Georgette Heyer

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  1. Hi Becky, welcome to the Typically British challenge, I'm glad you've chosen the level 'Cream Crackered' - Have fun and good luck :)