Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Favorite Wife (1940)

My Favorite Wife ~ 1940

This one stars Cary Grant. *swoon* If you're familiar with Doris Day's Move Over Darling (a movie I grew up with, but maybe not everyone does?) then you may be familiar with the story line. This movie is all about a man with two wives. The first wife, thought to be dead--drowned at sea in a terribly tragic accident--comes back from the dead on the exact day that her husband has gotten married. Too late to stop the wedding, but just in time (barely) to stop the honeymoon. The second wife is clueless of course. Which wife will this husband choose? And will he ever TELL the second wife about the first?

There are differences between My Favorite Wife and Move Over Darling (1963). And those differences do matter. I liked the playful ending of My Favorite Wife. It was very funny. And very appropriate I think. I enjoyed both a great deal. I couldn't really choose between the two.

The ending....

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