Friday, February 5, 2010

Northanger Abbey (1986)

Northanger Abbey (1986)
Stars Katharine Schlesinger, Peter Firth, Robert Hardy, Cassie Stuart, Jonathan Coy, Greg Hicks, etc.

My thoughts on this one: I was expecting a *really* bad adaptation of Northanger Abbey. I went into it having scene the final scene on YouTube, you see. And this film didn't disappoint. It wasn't as bad as I was fearing though. Don't get me wrong, the music, the soundtrack, is really, really awful. Very cheeseful. Very dated. Very un-Austen. There were more than a few scenes that made me roll my eyes. One is when Henry is rowing with his sister and Miss Morland. I couldn't find that scene on least not in English. But here it is anyway. Watch for it...around 4:25.

Was it faithful to the book? No. Not exactly. It leaves a bit out. We don't really see John Thorpe trying to woo Catherine. You do get the sense that he's a creepy guy. The look he gives Catherine when meeting her in this one, has got a definite vibe to it. Repulsive comes to mind. (it's around the 30 second mark; and again at 1:12). So the plot has been condensed in a few places. And a few things have been added that give it a bit of an odd feel. (I'm thinking of cartwheel boy to be exact.) There isn't as much emphasis on the Thorpes in general. That isn't necessarily a horrible thing.

Catherine Meets Mr. Tilney (briefly)
Catherine in the Roman Bath Scene (*good* at highlighting the terrible music)
Catherine shocked by Isabella's dancing with the older Tilney brother (John Thorpe ticked for no reason)
Catherine Visiting Northanger Abbey; (aka Henry sings a song and Catherine looks scared before she's led away to watch a young boy do cartwheels?!)
The Final Scene of Northanger Abbey (*really, really* good at highlighting the terrible music)

An unofficial trailer...of sorts...

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