Thursday, February 18, 2010

Persusasion 1995

Persuasion 1995
Starring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds

I love this version of Persuasion. (The movie is based on a novel by Jane Austen.) It is shorter than the 1971 adaptation, which was almost four hours. But longer than the 2007 attempt adaptation, which was barely over 90 minutes.

The trailer:

While this one is not as strictly faithful to the book as it absolutely could be. It is faithful enough to be good, really good. I think this is the best adaptation of the three for introducing the story to new audiences. The production is modern enough that it doesn't look naked. Yet it's faithful enough to the book, to the spirit of Austen, that it doesn't feel too modern, too frantic. This last pathetic effort cut so much of the story, did so little with characterization, that it made little sense unless you were already familiar with the story OR unless you didn't care about the story anyway because you were too busy oogling Captain Wentworth. The camera work doesn't make you dizzy. And the romance--the chemistry--is there without being just a silly excuse for making out on a street corner.

I would be more forgiving of this new edition if they could have just gotten the letter right, the ending right. Oh well. This is supposed to be about HOW WONDERFUL the 1995 adaptation is and not how disappointing the 2007 one turned out to be. But there is some use in comparing and contrasting. The other adaptations just show how well this one was able to pull it all together. To balance everything just so.

This is how it should be:

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