Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Readin Challenge Activity #9

Today's topic is all about genres.

I'm a glutton for genres. I can't choose just one genre to love and adore. I can't even pick three. No, I'm a glutton for almost all the genres. Well, except for westerns and mysteries. I don't care for westerns because, well, westerns have guns and horses and the like. How many westerns have I read to date? One. So maybe I'm being slightly unfair. But still. It only makes sense to carry over my allergy to westerns from tv (and film) to books. Right?

Back on topic, what genres do I love the most. (Notice how I added that little 's'!)

  • historical fiction
  • historical romance
  • historical fantasy
  • fantasy
  • science fiction (most, most especially dystopias, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, etc.)
  • romance
  • realistic fiction
I also love classics. But I'm not sure if classics is really a genre?!

I do tend to read in batches. Some months are heavier in certain genres than other months. But I could never read just one genre of book.

I think 2010 (so far) has seen a bit more historical fiction than normal. But I bet it averages out by the time the year is over!


  1. I read in batches too, but not according to genre. Sometimes I'll read a few books a week and sometimes it'll take me a few weeks to read one. It's usually not because the story is bad, but just my mood.

  2. I enjoy historical fiction as well. When I was teaching 5th grade, I found my students really enoyed the diary books, and they were great to use as teaching tools. Personally, I have a certain fondness for the Tudor period. =)

  3. I think that classics are a genre! There is something fantastic about finally reading a major "classic" and either loving it or not seeing what's had everyone so excited for so many years. I've recently been listening to Moby Dick and never thought that it'd be so darn FUNNY. Like, laugh out loud! Here's finally tackling a great classic!