Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break Reading Challenge Activity #4

Today's activity is about blog design and widgets. Karin is wanting us to share what we'd like to be able to do on our blog.
  • Is there something you really want to create, but don't know how?
  • Would you like your blog design to be different?
  • What about organization? Is there something about the arrangement you want to change?
Just this past weekend I started playing around with the blog design of this blog, Behind The Scenes With Becky. I created a header. I changed the background. I added "recent posts" from each of my three "main" blogs to the sidebar. I've added my oh-so-pathetic follower widget as well.

Of course, this isn't my main blog at all. I have three "main" blogs: Becky's Book Reviews, Young Readers, and Operation Actually Read Bible. One of the main reasons I have three separate "main" blogs is because the content of each is different and specific. But content aside, I have three "main" blogs because I'm addicted to blog design. I couldn't imagine just having one to play around with. I enjoy making my own headers, making my own challenge buttons, choosing different backgrounds, using Color Palette Generators and Mosaic Makers somewhat addictively. And Blog Bulk. Well. That place is evil or awesome depending on your point of view :) And Our Blogger Templates is great as well.


  1. Hey Becky ... Doing my daily visit again! Thanks for the links ... I've opened them in new tabs to check out shortly. Can you tell me how you did the "Recent Posts From ..." ? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by again. The "recent posts" feature can be added to blogger blogs by using the customize feature. Click on customize first. Then "add gadget". Then choose "featured" (the first option that pops up is basic, featured is the one below it). There are two options really. One is called "Recent Posts" and it is by Blogger Buster. The other is called "Recent Posts (Advanced)" and it's by Blogger Widgets. I chose to use this one. But I think either would work.