Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekly Geeks: Series Books

This week's topic is series books.

  • What series do you read where you have had an issue with one of the books in the line-up.
  • Do you cut the author loose after one miss, or do you have a limit of failed books in a series before you toss in the towel.
  • What's your suggestion for that book that you struggle with in a series.
  • If you are not a series reader – Toss the question out on your blog, see what your readers think.
I didn't realize until I read this post that this happens to me more than I like. I can think of a handful of examples. The Luxe series for example. Really enjoyed the first. Practically hated the second. Loved the third. Enjoyed the fourth okay.

Megan McCafferty's series also comes to mind. I did enjoy Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings. But I wasn't such a fan of Charmed Thirds and Fourth Comings. In fact, after Charmed Thirds, I was ready to give up on the series. But after hearing that the series ends well, I did pick it up again. And knowing that all was not lost, I kept going. I love, love, loved Perfect Fifths.

Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your perspective) reading Breaking Dawn dimmed my love for the Twilight series. If I'd known how it was going to end--how ridiculous it would actually be--then I'm not sure I would have read past the first book. Though that isn't exactly fair. Because then I would have missed some great Jacob stuff. Still, I don't know how much longer it would have lasted anyway. I think when a book becomes so popular that you see a big display at BabiesRus, it's time for it to go away for a while.

And if anyone is interested in the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov, stick with the original trilogy. Avoid the prequels and sequels. Oh how I wish I had. Because reading those others was very painful.

I do typically give authors second chances (and sometimes third and fourth chances). I've even had instances where I hate the first book and yet I still pick up the second book to see what happens next. Sometimes I do enjoy the second book more. But other times not so much. It really depends on if I see anything redeeming about the book--the writing, the characters, the plot, the premise.


  1. I think the patchiness that you refer to is what I was trying to describe in my post.

  2. You have hit on what every reader I imagine goes through..

    I have pulled back from series after up to three disappointment, only for the author to pull it around in the final set of books..

    On series however, sometime these things go on too long and then leave us as readers disappointment when our espectations are not met - after all we want the next book in every series to outshine the previous work and leave us chomping at the bit for more..

    Have a great reading week...